On July 4th iStandUK held a “Capabilities for a local ecosystem of services and data” webinar. It was the first in a series of webinars which aim to explore the core components, and associated standards,  necessary to support a shared digital vision for local public services.

The webinar was attended by colleagues from around the UK with expertise and interest in developing standards for digital public services. Below is a summary of the session and link to the webinar video (apologies for the poor audio at the start, we sort it out in the first minute).

Webinar summary:

  • Reviewed the Vision adopted by the Local Digital Coalition – see https://www.socitm.net/files/download/32
  • Considered the Local Digital Coalition’s request to iStandUK to provide a process whereby some standards could be declared as ‘official’, to support the vision
  • Considered how some key ‘capabilities’ could be defined, and the associated standards to make them interoperable
  • Considered how local or national agencies could make a ‘capability’ available to the public, or other collaborating agencies, by selecting a ‘product’, with the correct standard.
  • Refined the definition of the terms
    • Capability
    • Component
    • Product
    • Standard
  • Considered a high level grouping of themes of ‘capabilities’ within which specific capabilities and standards can be defined.

… see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hKu_60RhC1nrOCg715xpXxHU3FOgJQGDMjAjIqPgy0Y/edit?usp=sharing for a full summary

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