The digital channel in local government is an increasingly default, key strategy to communicate with, can collect data from our residents, citizens, stakeholders and those who are just passing through. The connection between your websites and people’s browser’s needs to be secure, and yet, the digital certificates that underpin this are often neglected, not willfully, but by circumstance.


This handy, free utility from 1ugly crazy robot can help to keep an eye on this and keep vital communications safe and fixed where, and when, they need to be.

The new (broad public, third and voluntary sector and state school) tool is a non-intrusive scan of your digital certificate for SSL, TLS and other problems. It runs monthly with reports sent by email, giving “heads-up alerts” on problems found and a more detailed report from the scan attached to the email. This monthly report can be used to identify a wide range of different vulnerabilities and can also be used as additional assurance. 


iStandUK fully recommends that public service practitioners take advantage of this handy free tool. For more information, support and FAQ’s, visit