Business Problem and Context

IT systems across the public service organisations collect huge amounts of data about their customers and their use of services every day. However, this data is stored in different databases on different networks and in varied formats making it difficult to share information, gain insight or get a holistic view either as individual organisations or as a partnership.

A restricted view of an individual through disparate systems can result in decisions being made on partial information that results in poor performance and higher costs. Therefore, it is difficult to fully understand issues that might arise and plan timely interventions and it is not possible to measure the overall efficacy of initiatives, or adapt to improve performance.


Business Opportunity

In 2015, Wiltshire Council looked at this requirement and developed a business case to assess the potential benefits of information sharing across public service organisations across Wiltshire. Through the Better Care plan, the Council and eight partners implemented a unique and innovative programme.

Known as Single View, the programme established a partnership network to share data and information across nine different public service organisations across Wiltshire.


Single view achievements so far

To prove that the vison could be realised, a series of initial solutions known as “product cases” have been developed

1) Adult Care Information Sharing has provided a simple, secure and cost effective means for GP’s and care co-ordinators to gain access to information recorded on the Wiltshire Council Adult Care system. This provides GP’s with access to the Council’s Adult Care information allowing them to make better informed decisions that may need referral for care packages for their patient.

This is now live in the first surgery, Bradford-on-Avon. Initial benefits to date are:

  • Ability to refer to the right person at the right time for the right care needs, reduces resource time and gives a clearer understanding of patient/customer requirements
  • Access to the Councils Social Care information 24/7 by the surgeries and improves time efficiency in processing referrals
  • Provides better, more timely and informed decision making for the provision of medical services
  • Improves the patient experience because referrals are made quicker, allowing them to recognise the benefits in a timelier approach
  • Creates a bigger picture and gaining a better understanding of patient/customer’s situation.

2) The Safe and Well product case was aimed at providing Social Care information to Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Service to identify required home safety visits for people with disabilities and mobility challenges that are known to the Council through Social Care. The visit covers and falls prevention, fire hazard assessment and fitting free smoke alarms as required.

In the first week, the Fire service made contact with 12 addresses scheduling a free Safe & Well visit.

There are an additional five ‘product cases’ in development at Wilshire working on information sharing for a variety health, tax and safeguarding issues.


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