iStandUK have now published a ‘How To’ guide to give advice on how to register the publication of a Brownfield Land Register, at You can find this as the third ‘How To’ guide on our ‘Brownfield Land Guidance’ page at

This guide has taken some time to research, as it brings together an approach for registering tabular open data, with the INSPIRE requirements for spatial data.

By now, councils will have published their first Brownfield Land register at their chosen web site.  You can now use this guide to register the location of those published files, so that they can be easily found, alongside other open data published by the council. With all the files published to the same data standard, we will now be looking to show that this registration step enables files from many publishers to be discovered and combined.

Looking at, we see that many councils have already registered their Brownfield Land register files. It would be helpful if those could be reviewed against this guide, paying particular attention to the setting of the ‘Schema/Vocabulary’ and the use of the ‘time series’ option.