At iStandUK, we’re excited to have been selected by MHCLG’s Covid19 Challenge to run a project to propose the data and standards that can improve how local councils can find vulnerable people and households, and then promote a coordinated multi-agency response.


MHCLG have teamed us up with a project led by Huntingdonshire District Council, where they have defined a risk model based on life events, to highlight where an early intervention can reduce hardship.


So we are working with Huntingdonshire now, to learn what data and standards they need to power their approach, and we’re reaching out to other councils to make sure that what we come up with supports other models too.


Our project is inspired by the COVID19 experience where our partner councils all tell us that blending data from many sources to find vulnerable people was harder than it should have been.  But we are also testing this standards approach on other type of vulnerability; homelessness prevention in particular.


Right now, we are appointing standards expertise via the Digital Marketplace, so we expect to get going with a new partner by the end of September.