If you have heard about the SAVVI project, or have been following the SAVVI progress, you may have come across the fact that we have not been shy in promoting the work we’re doing. If you’ve followed our blogs and our numerous show and tell presentations, you will have picked up that we talk a lot about Covid-19, Homelessness, Information Governance, standards, data sharing, models and data flows. You would be forgiven for not understanding how it all fits together within the SAVVI project. 

Representing iStandUK and the SAVVI project, Paul Davidson, Sedgemoor Council and Phil Swan, GMCA have produced a 20 minute video that provides a coherent story about what SAVVI is, what we’re doing and what our next steps are.

In it, the video talks about the following: 

  • An introduction to iStandUK
  • The Data Problems that SAVVI is working to address
  • The project funding 
  • Who we are working with
  • The vulnerabilities in scope
  • What we have set out to do
  • The business processes in scope
  • What we’ve learned so far
  • Vulnerability Attributes for Covid19 & Homelessness prevention
  • Data concept models
  • The role of information Governance
  • What we will deliver
  • The systemic challenges
  • Next Steps

If you don’t have 20 minutes to dedicate to data sharing standards, we do also have a shorter 7 minute video. This was recorded early on in the project but the outline of the project and its goals remain the same. 

Both videos can be found on the SAVVI pages within the iStandUK website.