Phase two of the SAVVI project is in three parts. One part, the part I am blogging about today, is supporting Huntingdonshire District Council to use the SAVVI standards and process as part of their vulnerability management project. Huntingdonshire District Council are helping us to test, prove and improve elements of the SAVVI playbook – process, data standards, catalogue and IG framework; they are one of SAVVI’s two case studies.

The SAVVI project has been happily paired together with Huntingdonshire District Council’s SENA (Societal Early Need Application) project, by our funders (MHCLG), because our respective projects have overlapping aims and therefore synergy. 

Huntingdonshire District Council has been developing a methodology for identifying and approaching citizens to engage, and a vulnerability risk model based on their understanding of citizen life events and journeys. 

Phase two of the SENA project builds on the earlier phase one (Covid response) work and aims to co-design a fully system approach to proactively engage with citizens. This is the start of creating a shared digital solution, that will support Huntingdonshire’s ongoing partnership working with their community sector, to help mitigate the impact of a crisis through early intervention.

The SENA project team are looking forward to working closely with the SAVVI team during the next stages of these projects. We have a joint aim of collaborating effectively to enable sharing of learning across both projects, and to ensure good practice in identifying both vulnerability risks and appropriate support services. The need to identify and help those most vulnerable within our district has never been more clearly seen than in the last year, throughout this pandemic. This work will enable us to identify potentially vulnerable people in need, earlier in the future, to hopefully be able to support them before they reach a personal crisis

Oliver Morley

Corporate Director - People, Huntingdonshire District Council

We kicked off our joint working with an inaugural first meeting of teams. The SENA team (consisting of Huntingdonshire District Council and Placecube) and the SAVVI team (consisting of Tameside Council/iStandUK, Digital Gaps and Porism) met to put faces to names, align ways of working, and to commit to working well together.  

Over the coming weeks, the process coach, IG support and technical support from the SAVVI team will be working closely with the SENA Project Manager, with the view to supporting the SENA project and capturing repeatable learning and outputs to share with other councils and partners also wishing to use the SAVVI process and standards to support their vulnerable people and households. 

The SENA project is holding their first Phase 2 ‘Show and Tell’ session, covering the work undertaken by the team in Sprint 1 (Developing the User Research and Service Co-Design Approach) at 10:30-11:30am on 12 May 2021. If you would like to attend, please contact for the meeting link.

You can also follow SENA’s progress via: