Last month, I blogged about assembling the SAVVI team for phase 2 of our Scalable Approach to Vulnerability via Interoperability project. We are delighted to announce that we have appointed some capacity, expanding our team, and we are now in a position to formally introduce you to the SAVVI Phase 2 crew!

Firstly, we are joined by Ian Singleton (left), and Simon Dickinson (right) from Digital Gaps. Ian, and Simon are providing facilitation support; their role as SAVVI coach will be to help our case study local authorities to map and follow the SAVVI process against their projects to identify and support vulnerable people and households.

SAVVI is a fantastic opportunity to look at the end-to-end process in making better use of data, better use of data standards and better application of Information Governance frameworks to find vulnerable people who are at greatest risk or in greatest need of that support

Simon Dickinson

Digital Gaps

Mike Thacker from Porism Ltd is leading on the technical data standards support for our case study local authorities. Working with Mike (left), we are delighted to also welcome Yiannis Siantos (middle) and Dom Skinner (right), Porism Ltd. to the team.

SAVVI has such an important role in joining up data to help the vulnerable. We’re glad to help make it happen

Mike Thacker

Porism Ltd

The information Governance support for SAVVI will be provided jointly by Bolton Council and GMCA. We are therefore really pleased to introduce John Curtis, Bolton Council (left) who will be supported by Phillipa Nazari (right) and her team from GMCA.

The core team at SAVVI consists of Shelley Heckman (SAVVI programme manager), Paul Davidson (SAVVI Product Owner), Phil Swan (SAVVI Sponsor), Michael Mentessi (SAVVI Funder), Sarah Deignan (SAVVI Funder)Michelle Kern (SAVVI programme support) and Mevish Khalid (SAVVI Comms). The images from left to right are in the same order as the list above!