The MoJ has recently announced a new programme: Better Outcomes through Linked Data (BOLD). This national programme is backed by £20 million of investment, to improve the connectedness of government data so that policy-makers and those working on the frontline of UK public services have better quality evidence on what works in supporting victims, reducing homelessness and drug misuse and helping offenders turn their backs on crime.

Very much like the SAVVI project (Scalable Approach to Vulnerability Via Interoperability), this programme recognises that public services collect a large amount of data which is used to improve the quality of services offered to the public, but it is not often shared between organisations which could provide more effective intelligence for even better service delivery.

At SAVVI, we are incredibly excited to engage with a national initiative that is trying to do similar things at the national level, that which we are aiming to achieve at the local level. It is important that the two programmes are sighted on each other to ensure that we do not develop incompatible approaches and solutions.

To this end, SAVVI, representing local government, has been invited to sit on the BOLD programme board. The programmes have met, and early commitment to keep each other abreast of our respective developments have been made. It is early days for the BOLD programme but it is worth watching this space for updates on future collaboration.