Highlight Report 17 October 2014 to 22 January 2015

Local Data Ecosystem

The developement of the prototype of the Local Data Ecosystem is progressing, illustrating various features from the Blueprint, in particular

  • Extensible Data Dictionary based on the Smart City Concept Model
  • Rights to Data

Sessions to apply Troubled Families data to the ecosystem have been run

  • Tameside 31/10/2014
  • Rochdale 3/12/2014
  • A team from Cambridge University have shown an interest in using the LDE to present data about the refurbishment of London Bridge Station.
    Workshop with Cambridge – 20/01/15

Transparency Code 2014

LeGSB suported the LGA to create and promote guidance about the Transparency Code 2014.

Workshop Events

  • London
  • Manchester

Schemas to define CSV layouts for each of the datasets

Smart Cities

Following the publishing of the Smart City Concept Model as PAS182, by BSI, LeGSB have now launched the smartcityconceptmodel.com web site.

LeGSB have contributed to BSI hosted workshops to consider City Data

  • 12/1/15
  • 13/1/15

National Information Infrastructure

Te cabinet office ran a series of workshops to redefine National Information Infrastructure.  LeGSB and LGA assisted in editing the documents to give a local public services perspective.

DWP Business Design Authority

The DWP have hosted meetings of the Data Sharing Business Design Authority, looking at

  • DWP Datashares Inventory Proposal
  • Proposals for Data Sharing Architecture

Digital Transformation in the local sector.

LeGSB contributed to Co-Design Days and Learning days.

  • 16/1/2014 – DCLG Workshop

iNetwork Conference 27/11/2014

LeGSB ran a session about data sharing at the iNetwork conference.

LeGSB made an award for the use of standards at the iNetwork Awards Dinner, to the Manchester Data Synchronisation Project led by Trafford Council.