Hight Report from 3rd July 2013 to 12th September 2013


During June, we were contacted by the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs, wishing to discuss the LeGSB paper on Information Architecture that we did for the CTO Council in 2011.  They are producing their own recommendations as a result.

On the 9th September, LeGSB were visited by a delegation from the Chinese Government who were keen to examine how we create and enforce standards in the UK, and the benefits that we acheive.

Technical Companions to the DCLG Code of Practice on Data Transparency

Our document ‘Publishing Local 5* Data’ now has a ‘forward’ from Roger Hampson, Chief Executive of the London Borough of Redbridge.

We have worked with the LGA, and Peterborough Council to publish a new document proposing  how standards can be used to publish Registries and Inventories of local data.

The Breakthrough Fund project, led by Peterborough Council, has taken this report as the basis for setting requirements to data.gov.uk.  New guidance from the ICO on publication schemes is also being fed into this work.

We are also developing a ‘sand box‘ where we can work with councils to prototype linked data approaches to publishing local datasets and creating new joined up data services.

Open Data with various Councils

I spent a day with colleagues at the London Borough of Redbridge, to present and discuss how Linked Data could support a local data ecosystem as per LeGSB-Publishing5StarData-August2013-Rev1.  We explored how we might embed Linked Data into the DataShare product.

I spent a day with Devon County Council and in particular explored how we could publish Council Decisions as linked data, linked to, Wards, Priorities, Services Types and so on.

We will be working with Hampshire County Council within their ‘Breakthrough Fund Project’ for a Combined Planning Register.

Linked Data Profiles

LeGSB were asked to present to a W3C workshop on the 10th September 2013 in Boston, MA, to describe our standards requirements to support a Local Data Ecosystem.  We presented by a pre-recorded video.

Smart Cities Concept Model

We have worked with BIS and the BSI Smart Cities Technical Advisory Committee to propose that a Smart Cities Concept Model should be developed.  LeGSB has now been appointed  by BSI to develop that model as a BSI Publicly Available Specification.  More

Data Sharing Strategy with DWP

Having reviewed the latest draft of the DWP data sharing strategy, we created a new White Paper, A Strategic Approach to Data Sharing.  We are now using this document as the basis for how we categorise our work with the DWP.

Lynne Shackley, ( Information Commissioners Office ) has reviewed the document and proposes a number of actions that we can take to add further guidance into these topics. More

Open Standards Board

LeGSB has been working with the pan government Metadata Working Group to help define metadata proposals to go to the Open Standards Board. More