Ordnance Survey Geographic Identifiers

What is it?

Ordnance Survey offers linked data version of three of its OS OpenData™ products including: 1:50 000 Scale Gazetteer, Boundary-Line™ and Code-Point® Open.

There is now a URI for every postcode unit in Great Britain, every civil voting region in Great Britain and every administrative unit in Great Britain. This includes URIs for every wards, constituency, county, district, unitary authority etc.


This provides a linked offering of various Ordnance Survey linked data and explicit links between those datasets. There is now an explicit link from every postcode to the ward and administrative unit its in along with explicit spatial relationships between the various administrative units and civil voting areas.

Where is it?


Ownership and Licencing

It is available under the OS OpenData License which incorporate the Open Government License (http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/opendata/licensing.html).

Scope and Jurisdiction

The data covers postcodes, civil voting areas and administrative units in Great Britain. It does not cover Northern Ireland and does not include other geographies such as ONS output areas.

Management –

Standards that it uses

This data is published using open standards such as the Resource Description Framework.

Links and Mappings

Currently this is largely reference data, but outward links are to be added in the future.

Take up

Currently being used by a number of government and other projects. Receives on average two million transactions a month.

Product Support

Via Ordnance Survey customer service.

Potential Future Development

Potential future developments include improved API access along with mappings to other datasets such as the statistical geographies publish by ONS.