ATLAS XML Message Format


The DWP Atlas project is about transmitting benefit and tax credit awards data from DWP/HMRC to Local Authorities for processing within Housing/Council Tax Benefit systems.

This replaces existing documents ( human readable ) with XML files that can be processed and used to update claims data.

LeGSB are appointed to create the XML Schema defining the message content.


  • XML Schema (xsd).
  • Supporting Documentation.

Next Steps

Further Atlas data requirements are expected to support Universal Credits and Local Council Tax Support support schemes.


31st March 2014

The 3rd phase of the DWP’s Atlas data transfer has been further developed by LeGSB during February and March 2014.  Atlas enabled data to be transmitted from the DWP to local authorities to support Housing Benefits, and will be further developed to support data transfers for Universal Credits, and potentially, other data sharing scenarios.

1st July 2013

LeGSB create the XML Schema for Phase 3 of Atlas, which supports

  • Benefit Cap
  • Personal Independance Payments (PIP)
  • ETDs ( supporting information ).

The schema is now live for English Local Authorities, and data for Benefit Cap and PIP is being transmitted.  ETDs are to follows later in 2013.

10th April 2013

LeGSB created the XML Schema for Phase 1 of Atlas which is now live to every Local Authority in England with responsibility for Housing/Council Tax Benefit.

LeGSB have produced the schema for Phase 2 which has been accepted and baselined.

Phase 2 roled out to early adopter councils in November 2011, Live in all English Local Athorities in January 2012.

Some minimal changes to the schema have been applied.

Phase 3 of the schema planned for development up to mid October 2012. To include:

Phase 3 Developed for for

  • Personal Independance Payments (PIP)
  • Electronic Transfer of Documents (ETDs)
  • Benefit Cap