Bid to the Breakthrough Fund



The Department for Business Innovation and Skills, via the Data Strategy Board, are running an £8 million investment program, ‘the Breakthrough Fund’, to help public bodies to release data.  See .

The Local Government Association have been allocation £1 million of that fund to target at Local Authorities.

iStandUK have supported some councils to make bids.

iStandUK have made a bid, via Tameside Council and the iNetwork, to both the Data Strategy Board, and the LGA.  The iStandUK bid proposes a ‘Local Data Ecosystem’, via standards for common and repeatable data structures, initially focusing on Troubled Families.

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  • Funding.

Next Steps

Awaiting formal repsonse from DSB to iStandUK Bid.

Some successful bids to the LGA portion have an expectation that they will work with iStandUK.


1st July 2013

iStandUK bid submitted in April 2013.

Hampshire County Council have been successful in the bid for a County wide project to publish Planning Applications data, and have indicated that they will want to work with iStandUK to find, and promote, the associated standards.