Devon County Council for a Directory of Community Services



Devon County Council have received funding via the BIS Breakthrough Fund, to release a variety of data as open data. The project is due to complete by the end of June 214.

Much of the project is about working with local people and innovators to prioritize the publication of data, rather than building a specific product. That said, the project has already committed to publishing its existing ‘directory of community services’ as open data.

That directory lists services such as clubs, voluntary groups, child minders etc, together with the locality to which they relate, opening times, availability and so on.  The directory does NOT contain services from public sector organisations such as the Councils that serve the area.

The directory has been available to browse at , and this project will make the underlying data available as open data, with an open licence.

There are opportunities to take feeds from other trusted sources of information about local services, such as

  • NHS England
  • CQC
  • Buy with Confidence – Devon’s approved trader scheme
  • Devon C.C. have asked iStandUK to assist them to develop schemas and data transformations, and to explore the potential of a 5* approach..
  • Data from other sources such as, NHS England,



XSD Schema for publishing community service data.
Various controlled vocabularies.
Demonstrator of community service data as 5* data
Next Steps

Define the Schema

Transform Data



31st March 2014

iStandUK has worked with Devon C.C. staff to provide initial advice on data standards, and other potential stakeholders.