Open Data Publishing Standards and Formats



Explore various examples and issues with Local Open Data


  • Requirements for Standards
  • White Papers
  • Advice to DCLG
  • Information to support the ‘technical companion’ and collaborative website

Next Steps

Proposing re-usable patterns for common data scenarios at the iStandUK Web Site.


1st November 2013. Open Government Partnership Event, QEII Conference Centre.


21st October 2013. Presented to LGA Breakthrough event on 5* Linked Data and a local data ecosystem.


1st October 2013. Presented to LGA Open Data Event, and the Peterborough Breakthrough project for open data standards.


10th September 2013

W3C RDF Validation workshop iStandUK presentation or requirements Linked Data Profiles.

1st July 2013

New LeGSB White Paper proposing ‘Linked Data Profiles’.

Workshop with Hampshire County Council to review their ‘Land Supply’ Linked Data pilot.

11th April 2013

Troubled Families White Paper

Open Data workshops

‘Big Data from Small Data’ White Paper

Met with Open Data Institute

Open Data Workshops with the LGA – London, Bristol, Leeds