Publishing Local Data to support Open Public Services



Working with Devon County Council and their local public service partners; supported by DCLG.

An ontology to be able to express information such as * Objectives * Strategies * Plans * Resources * Services * Provision * Partners * Stakeholders * Metrics * … and so on.

As per the LeGSB White Paper on Open Public Services.


Creating a series of ‘dashboards’ for locations and ‘commuities of interest’ that slice the data for that view.


  • Open Public Services Ontology
  • Devon Data transformed
  • Dashboards
  • LeGSB White Paper

Next Steps

Further sessions planned with Devon County Council to transform

  • Local Neighbourhood Budgets
  • Comunity Directory


7th August 2013

Presented LeGSB-Publishing5StarData-August2013-Rev1 to London Borough of Redbridge.

2nd July 2013

Working with Devon County Council to publish Council Decisions, linked to Objectives, via the sand box.

1st July 2013

Data Structures from the proposed Open Public Services ontology piloted at the ‘Technical Companion’ sand box at

16th April 2013

LeGSB Workshop in Bristol, with Local Authorities and Linked Data experts, to select good practice for linked data vocabularies and URI sets to describe Open Public Services.

10th April 2013

Open Public Services Ontology created as

  • a diagram
  • an ontology

Following workshops with Devon County Council, we are applying their data to the model, including their Neighborhood Budgetting Pilot.

LeGSB White Paper written. Presented to Cabinet Office OPS team

‘Open Public Services’ Web Site as a demonstrator of real data ( from Somerset C.C., and Sedgemoor D.C. ) illustrating pulling Linked Data from the OPS store.

Engaged with

  • City Protocol
  • Smart Cities
  • Unit4
  • Epimorhics
  • ELGIN ( for )

Presented to the GoCompare Event.

Workshop data with Devon County Council.

Promoted to lots of Councils via the LGA Transparency Events, and Workshops.