SandBox for 5* Data


The LeGSB ‘Technical Companion’ for Publishing 5* Data, is supported by an online sand-box, where Local Authorities are invited to try entering or importing their data against a series of definitions.

The iStandUK Sand Box is at

… and contains facilities to:

  • define linked data profiles for local data sets
  • define data entry and import specifications so that data can be loaded
  • transformation to RDF
  • publication to thesand box triples store
  • querying using SPARQL
  • browsing across published data from many sources


  • Web Site

Next Steps

Further development

  • Plugboard

Working with Local Authorities to pilot the use of Linked Data and generate data patterns


2nd July 2013

Working with Devon County Council to publish Council Decisions, linked to Objectives, via the sand box.

1st July 2013

Web Site available but not yet promoted.

Contains examples of:

  • Local Authority Organisation, Committee Structure, and Memberships
  • Local Authority Contracts Register
  • Local Authority Objectives and Plans