Metadata and Vocabularies Working Group


A pan government group led by the National Archives

27th February 2014

Review proposal to Open Standards Board, for metadata for public sector documents and information

19th December 2013

  • Presentation from Mike Thacker on Retention Policies for data associated with services.
  • Presentation from Paul Davidson on the Smart City Concept Model
  • Considering the approach to resubmitting a metadata proposal to the Open Standards Board

11th November 2013, to finalise the ‘standards profile’ for metadata and SKOS – see

Meetings June 2013 through to September 2013.

This group is the ‘Expert Group’ for the Open Standards Boards challenge for ‘Describing and Sharing our Information‘.  Legsb has contributed to various meetings and teleconferences to define the challenge, create proposals based on the responses, and create recommendations to the Open Data Panel.

The group is currently recomending

  • The use of Dublic Core for metadata
  • A minimum set of elements for certain scenarios
  • The use of DCAT-AP for applying dublin core to datasets
  • The use of SKOS to publish terminologies to the web so that they can be used as metadata


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