White Papers

iStandUK white papers

iStandUK produce a series of White Papers that explore a particular standard, and consider how it might apply to local public services.

Local Digital Services

What are Local Digital Services, explores the characteristics of Local Digital Services against which a framework of standards can be proposed.

Vision for Local Digital Services, proposes how local public services can be supported by digital techniques and principles.

Scope of an api framework for local digital services, describes each of the components of local digital services which would benefit from a sector wide standards.

Open Standards for Digital Local Public Services.  A response to the Policy Exchange report – Small Pieces Loosely Joined.

Linked Data Profiles

Linked Data Profiles. In considering how to assist Local Authorities to publish their information as linked data, it has become apparent that we lack a machine-readable way of expressing the ‘profile’ of a dataset; or in other words, which classes, properties, URI Sets, SKOS vocabularies etc have been used in a dataset.  This paper explores how such a standard would remove a barrier for Local Authorities to make a success of publishing 5* data.

Smart Cities

Considering the eStandards that could be applied to the vision for ‘Smart Cities’.

Troubled Familes

Applying Data Standards to a Troubled Families Programme. Proposes how data standards can be applied to a ‘Troubled Families’ program so that.

  • Case work is supported with information
  • Evidence is provided to support local policy making
  • Good practice is shared on ‘what works’.
  • Open Data is published to enable local and national scrutiny of value for money.

This document is drawn from information provided by Trafford Council during January 2013.

Open Public Services

Open Public Services. Proposes an approach to publishing data about how local services are designed and commissioned to support the aims of ‘Open Public Services

Big Data from Small Data

Big Data from Small Data. Outlines proposals for an ambitious programme to unlock data about how public services are organised, delivered and their providers held to account at the local level.

Verifying Information

Using information volunteered from People and Organisations about themselves. Proposes an approach to using information that is volunteered from People and Organisations about themselves, when providing public services.

Data Sharing

A Strategic Approach to Data Sharing proposes approaches to sharing data between central and local public sector organisations, which are repeatable, scalable and reuse common components and standards.

Role Based Data Sharing proposes a systematic approach to sharing personal data between public sector organisations.

Comparability for Local Financial Data

Comparability for Local Financial Data  proposes how data standards can be applied to local financial data to improve comparability.