The Think Cyber Think Resilience initiative is a National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP) funded collaboration between Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and IStandUK (Local e-Government Standards Body) that brings strategic leaders, policy makers and practitioners together from across the local public and resilience sectors to work with NCSP partners to develop shared cyber resilience learning and mentoring resources to support wider awareness across civic sector organisations.


Launched in 2015 Think Cyber Think Resilience has run a wide scale programme of “Building Resilience Together” briefing  seminars, conferences and exercises across English local authorities and local resilience forums and help induct over 2000 local public sector leaders and practitioners in the wider National Cyber Security Strategy.   The initiative works closely with the National Cyber Security Centre, Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat and the Local Government Association.


Think Cyber Think Resilience has hosted a series of Local Leadership in Cyber Society strategic round tables at St George’s House Windsor Castle  to support wider though leadership across government, local public service, private and academic sectors and has been awarded international exemplar status by the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation for its innovative approach to shared learning in support of civic cyber resilience.

Building Resilience Together Resources


To learn more about how Think Cyber Think Resilience – Building Resilience Together can help your organisation and to access more information across all the themes outlined in its Civic Cyber Resilience Model visit where you will also find the following publications :-


Resilient by Design: Key strategic design principles for a civic cyber resilient organisation


Leadership in Practice: The role of strategic leadership in civic cyber resilience.


Resilience in Practice: Practical steps that civic organisations can take to be cyber resilient.


Partnering for Resilience: The role of inter-agency collaboration in supporting civic cyber resilience.


Strengthening Technical Resilience: The role of technology leadership in helping to strengthen local civic cyber resilience.


Resilient by Design 2: Sources of online guidance on applying the Civic Cyber Resilience Model


Cyber Emergency Response: Understanding the role of a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT)