Throughout the second half of 2016 iStandUK have been running a series of webinars to explore the core components, and associated standards,  necessary to adopt the shared digital vision laid out in:

‘LOCAL DIGITAL LEADERSHIP: A joint position paper from the LGA, SOLACE, SOCITM and the Local CIO Council.’ – https://www.socitm.net/files/download/32.

You can download a full list of the sessions to date, their themes and summaries HERE.

The webinars were attended by public sector colleagues from across the UK with expertise and interest in developing standards for digital public services.

Dated links to the recorded sessions can be found below:

iStandUK Webinar 04/07/16: Capabilities for a local ecosystem of services and data. 
Webinar Summary
iStandUK Webinar 11/07/2016: Digital Identities
Webinar Summary
iStandUK Webinar 27/07/2016: An API Framework for Local Public Services