Introducing the Think Cyber – Think Resilience programme for local public services


Since 2015 the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), has been running, with the support of iStandUK, a programme of engagement with English Local Authorities plus their strategic partners on issues relating to cyber resilience. The programme recognised the growing threat of cyber attacks to all public services and the need for Local Authorities to engage with the wider efforts of the National Cyber Security Programme (NCSP).

The programme is funded by the NCSP and has the support of partner agencies involved in cyber resilience.

The umbrella title for the programme is Think Cyber – Think Resilience and there were three distinct phases to the programme:

  1. Research into and collation of existing guidance on cyber resilience
  2. A series of regional events to raise awareness about cyber resilience
  3. Consultation with senior officials on future work to embed cyber resilience


The outputs of the programme have been gathered together on this website. They are grouped together under three headings:

  1. Knowledge Bank – containing guidance and support material under a number of key themes
  2. Event Learnings – containing presentations from the regional events along with the lessons learnt and emerging issues
  3. Thought Leadership – containing outputs from strategic consultations and related think pieces about taking forward work on local civic cyber resilience agenda


All these outputs are intended to be a resource for Local Authorities plus their strategic partners in planning for and managing cyber resilience. They will also form the evidence base for discussions about the programme in 2016/17 and beyond.


If you have questions about local civic cyber resilience or any comments or other feedback on this website, please email the team at: – please include ‘Website Feedback’ in the subject line.