Highlight Report 4th July 2015 to 8th October 2015


We have hosted a couple of sessions with the Lancashire & Cumbria IG Group, to explore their ‘Information Sharing Gateway’ tool and to propose how the application of some standards could improve the service.

We have continued to work with Rochdale Council as they implement their version of the iStandUk ‘Local Data Ecosystem’ based on the Smart City Concept Model.

We have worked with councils in the North West to define requirements for a ‘Community Assets’ schema.  We now have a proposal to work with those councils, and suppliers, to develop a schema as a candidate for a national standard.


10th July 2015 – Discovery Workshop for Digital Platforms

24th July 2015 – Online session with GDS for national registers of open data.

10th September 2015 – Special meeting of the Local CIO Council to consider strategy for Local Digital Services and platform capabilities.

28th September 2015 – workshop with the Digital Catapult for a ‘Trust Framework’.

We have proposed a vision for local digital services based on platform components, via various online workshops and collaboration with councils.

We have worked with the Local Digital Campaign to support the development of a ‘Waste API’.  This has also informed our development of a ‘Framework for APIs‘ so that groups can work in parallel.


We have developed the XML schema, for the DWP, to pass Universal Credits data to Local Authorities to support a claim for Local Council Tax Support.  This facility is due to go live from November 2015.

We have developed the XML schema, for the DWP, to enable overpayments of Housing Benefit, to be collected via deductions from Universal Credits.  This facility is due to go live from April 2016.


7th September 2015 – Session with BT to explore the Smart City Concept Model.

Open Standards Board

 22nd September 2015 – the Data Standards Panel met to consider

Publishing vacancies online: proposal  standard assessment:  JobPosting v2.1

Multi agency incident transfer proposal standard assessment: Multi Agency Incident Transfer Version 0.2.2

Proposals for the following were deferred as the ‘challenge owner’ required more time to complete the assessments

Exchange of property/place address information:  proposal Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)

Exchange of location point information: proposal World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS 84)