Smart Cities Concept Model



A framework for improved interoperability and data sharing across the many types of organisation that serve local communities.

 Identifying concepts that recur commonly across local and public data, such as

    • Location
    • Organisation
    • Service
    • Time

… and so on …

and proposing how instances of each concept could be

  • identified via one or more identifier schemes;
  • categorised via one or more controlled vocabularies;

… leading to greater information discovery and re-use.

Product Description

The Web Site to view the model and map data to it is at

PAS 182_Draft_Public_Consultation


Smart Cities Concept Model (SCCM) as a BSI PAS ( Publicly Available Standard )


Web Collaboration Tool to invite anyone to compare and map their data to the model

See also

BSI Smart Cities Interoperability Technical Committee


4th October 2014

BSI have now published PAS182,m the Smart City Concept Model. You can download it at

2nd April 2014

PAS182 starts public consultation.

PAS 182_Draft_Public_Consultation.  Download the document and follow the instructions to make comments via the BSI web site.

17th March 2014

SCCM Steering Group agreed amendments to the PAS182 document defining the concept model

Model refined and presented to a number of groups including, Southampton University, Glasgow City Council, Milton Keynes Council

4th December 2013

London Workshop

25th November 2013

Version 0.1.3

Decision Tree to find the right concept, implemented at

21st November 2013

Update to BSI Smart Cities Technical Advisory Committee

19th November 2013

Manchester Workshop

4th November 2013

Version 0.1.2 produced taking on comments from Steering Group.

16th October 2013

1st meeting of the Project Steering Group.  Review version 0.1.1 of the model.

16th September 2013

SmartCitiesConceptModel-ProductDescription-Rev1 developed.

5th September

Initial mobilisation meeting with BSI to consider

    • Products
    • Activities
    • Plan