Service Transformation & Community Resilience

Service Transformation & Community Resilience

Having an appreciation of how good Cyber security can underpin Digital Transformation and supporting wider Community Resilience.

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Service Transformation

Understanding how effective cyber security and resilience is essential to underpin service transformation and digital delivery

Transformation built around the following design principles:


1. Keep in touch with the wider Public Service Transformation agenda

2. Understand the changing role of data sharing and strong analytics

3. Adopt common design standards based on User Centric Focused Delivery

4. Understand how digital platforms and approaches can support wider change

Community Resilience

Recognising that good cyber resilience an essential precondition for resilient communities and cities.

Build wider resilience around the following design principles:


1. Champion whole place approaches to building resilient communities and businesses

2. Actively contribute to the creation of resilient Infrastructure and Communication systems

3. Understand how focused leadership and innovation can help to create resilient communities

4. Foster collaborative working and networked learning