Strategy, Security & Skills

Strategy, Security & Skills

Helping to understanding the bigger picture and how stronger cyber security and skills are essential to building and maintaining organisational resilience.

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Understanding the issues and why digital and cyber resilience is central to operational effectiveness and efficiency

Strategy built around the following design principles:


1. Develop a strategic overview why digital and cyber resilience matters

2. Understanding the local dimension and need for organisation wide awareness

3. Know the key security measures and skills required

4. Prioritise partnership and collaboration


Highlighting the key steps and controls to ensure that public bodies are cyber resilient

Build SECURITY around the following design principles:


1. Adopt the key security steps, controls and processes

2. Understand how to reduce the impact of attacks

3. Establish strong incident reporting and response processes

4. Access and use security policy frameworks and standards



Gaining the essentials skills that people and organisations need to have in place to be cyber resilient

Skills built around:


1. Access and use the Cyber Essentials and skills guides

2. Use CESG approved training

3. Support SIRO and Information Assurance Guidance training

4. Provide access to Massive Open Online Courses and other online resources


As we add information, members of the Civic Cyber Resilience workgroup will be notified via email.