Event Presentations

Event Presentations


Some of the information presented at the regional Think Cyber – Think Resilience events cannot be shared either because they are sensitive or because a later presentation has more up to date information. However, it was agreed that presentations from the events would be shared with delegates (and a wider local government audience). The following are either the latest versions of the presentations used at the events or a generic version of the presentations, which have been cleared for sharing.

DCLG Introductory Presentation

provides an overview of cyber resilience and why it matters to local authorities

CESG Threat Briefing

shares some of their intelligence about cyber attacks and the types of cyber threat facing the UK

CERT-UK CiSP Leaflet

generic leaflet about the Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP)

TNA Introduction

introduces the National Archives and explains their role in information assurance etc.


explains the role of the Government Digital Service in managing Public Services Network along with their development of the Security Network Analysis Platform and other Common Technology Solutions


workshop run by CESG on Ten-Steps to Cyber Security

SIRO & the Cyber Information Challenge

workshop run by TNA on the cyber challenges being faced by the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)

CiSP Applications

generic leaflet from CRT-UK on the process whereby local authorities can join CiSP

Regional Cyber Crime Unit presentations*

East Midlands (Lincolnshire Malware Incident)**

DCLG Next Steps

presentation on current thinking on the next steps for the National Cyber Security Programme and Local Civic Cyber Resilience

* Regional Cyber Crime Units (RCCU) are usually part of the Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCU). They were invited to take part at the regional events after the first event in Newcastle. This was in response to the feedback and lessons learnt from that first event.

** We were unable to get a RCCU/ROCU speaker for the East Midlands event, so NLAWARP provided a cyber crime update – the presentation drawing on material used by RCCU/ROCU speakers at previous events. We also had an additional speaker at the East Midlands event, as Lincolnshire County Council gave a presentation about their recent malware incident.