Scalable Approach to Vulnerability via Interoperability (SAVVI)


The Problem

Local Councils need to identify vulnerable people and households, and then lead a multi-agency, and community response to assessing needs and providing support and interventions. This has involved blending attributes from data sourced from many local and national organisations. Councils have found that datasets containing vulnerability attributes need to be discovered and shared; attributes are hard to extract from many datasets due to inconsistent semantics, quality, and governance; matching datasets is imprecise due to inconsistent use of identifiers and lack of biographic standards; action tracking in real-time across many agencies requires a secure standards based ecosystem, rather than shared product.


At iStandUK, we’re excited to have been selected by MHCLG’s Covid19 Challenge to run a project to propose the data and standards that can improve how local councils can find vulnerable people and households, and then promote a coordinated multi-agency response.

MHCLG have teamed us up with a project led by Huntingdonshire District Council, where they have defined a risk model based on life events, to highlight where an early intervention can reduce hardship.

So we are working with Huntingdonshire now, to learn what data and standards they need to power their approach, and we’re reaching out to other councils to make sure that what we come up with supports other models too.

Since we launched at the end of August, we have appointed data experts from Bodvoc Ltd to support us. They are currently getting up to speed with the project and have been supporting our discovery work to understand the nature of the (data) problems that local authorities face when trying to identify the vulnerable within the communities we serve. Hugh Boyes, Director of Bodvoc Ltd said that “this is an excellent project to apply our data modelling and information management skills to assist councils to identify and support vulnerable residents”. The Bodvoc team includes experts from Data Performance Consultancy Ltd and STFC Hartree.

The discovery phase of the project is well underway; we are undertaking a series of workshops to understand the data requirements of councils in their work to identify vulnerable individuals and households.

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Case Studies

SAVVI – Case Study – Supporting Vulnerable People During an Emergency at Wigan Council

SAVVI – Case Study – Supporting Vulnerable People at Huntingdonshire District Council

SAVVI – Case Study – Supporting children at risk of being Not Ready for School in North Yorkshire


Tackling hardship and vulnerability with data and standards

Understanding Data Requirements for Identifying the Vulnerable

The Part IG Plays in Identifying Vulnerability

Here are the full set of learning points from the SAVVI IG workshop.

A SAVVI Response to the House of Lords Public Services Committee Report on Data Sharing for COVID-19

The SAVVI Project in Motion Picture

Engaging the Tech Industry to address Vulnerability

Introducing the SAVVI Playbook

SAVVI Phase Two

Quality Assurance an Information Governance Framework for Vulnerability

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View Introducing the Huntingdonshire Case Study

Meet the SAVVI Team

Introducing North Yorkshire’s SAVVI Project for School Readiness Vulnerability

The Taxonomy of Data Standards: Controlled Lists & Mappings

Introducing the Scalable Approach to Vulnerability via Interoperability (SAVVI)  Tech Working Group

Tech Working Group for Vulnerability Established

Notes from the IG QA Working Group for Vulnerability

Diving Deeper with the Tech Industry

A BOLD Programme shares SAVVI Objectives

A Local Perspective on Why Sharing Health Data is so Hard

SAVVI in Partnership

SAVVI Phase Three

Invitation to Join the SAVVI Phase Three Team

Invitation to SAVVI Leadership

Meet the SAVVI Phase 3 Engagement Team

Introducing the SAVVI Engagement Service

Announcing the Adoption of Sister Standards

SAVVI at the Local Digital Roadshows

Introducing the SAVVI Project with GMCA on Data Mesh and Supporting Families

Introducing the SAVVI Partner Project with Wigan Council

SAVVI Partner Project Updates

SAVVI Leadership Group

CDEI Initiatives to Support Public Data Sharing

SAVVI at 1Spatial’s Data Requirement for a National Priority Services Register Event

SAVVI Phase Three Project Updates


SAVVI Information Governance Framework

SAVVI Services 

SAVVI Engagement Service



On 30th September 2021, Paul Davidson and Phil Swan presented the SAVVI project at DataConnect21.

On 2nd July 2021, Paul Davidson presented SAVVI Information Governance Framework for Vulnerability Data at the Northern WARP Conference.

On 16 April 2021 Paul Davidson presented a Show and Tell of the SAVVI project.


On 20 November 2020 Paul Davidson and Phil Swan presented the SAVVI project at the iNetwork Annual Conference, Journey to a Better Place: Transforming Public Service Delivery. This is a 40 minute presentation that explains the SAVVI project in further detail.


On 22 October 2020 Paul Davidson presented the SAVVI project at the Local Digital Office (MHCLG) Takeover. This is a brief introduction into the project in it’s earlier stages.


SAVVI is a project funded by DLUHC Local Digital Fund